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School Behavior Expectations

(These apply to behavior in the classroom, on the playground, at school events, and on field trips.)

Students are required to treat all adults with respect. Students are to follow directions without argument or backtalk.

Student Conduct 

1.     I will respect everyone’s feelings

a.     I will not use:

·  Name Calling

·  Profanity (bad language)

·  Obscene gestures

b.     I will not fight, and will resolve conflicts in a non-threatening, non-physical manner using “Kelso’s Choices.” I will keep all body parts to myself.

2.     I will respect the rights and property of others.

3.     I will follow the directions given to me by any staff members without argument, and will interact with them respectfully.

4.     I will walk quietly in the hallways.

5.     I will leave my candy, gum, and toys at home.

6.     I will take a note from an adult to go to the office or health office and a pass to use the restroom.

7.     I will not disrupt the education of others.

8.     I will arrive at school on time, and prepared to learn.

9.     I will remember that, “Kindness Matters.”

Elmhurst Elementary School Dress Code

·       Shoes must be worn at all times

·       Clothing and accessories must not suggest gang affiliation

·       Clothing must be free from inappropriate slogans and/or pictures (references to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, etc.)

·       Hats may only be worn outdoors